Things to Consider Before Converting a Pub into a Hotel

Converting a pub into a hotel is an exciting venture, and it's easy to jump in headfirst without fully thinking things through. If you want your project to be successful, proper planning and preparation are essential. There are some issues unique to converting a pub into a hotel that you may not have considered, even if you have experience with other types of renovation. Read on to get the details on some key questions you'll need to consider before turning a pub into a hotel.

Is It a Listed Building? 

Many pubs are listed buildings, meaning there are restrictions on how you can change the property. These will vary from case to case, and you might find that making changes to the interior of the pub is acceptable as long as the outside remains the same. It's really important to check this beforehand though, or you could end up stuck with a pub that you can't convert.

Will Locals Object to Your Planning Application? 

Even if the pub you're planning to purchase isn't a listed building, you might still face barriers to your planning application. If the pub has played a big role in local life, you might find that local residents aren't happy with the idea of it being converted into a hotel. If you're planning big changes to the look of the building, the owners of neighbouring buildings may object. It's a good idea to chat to some locals to get an idea of the type of opposition you might face before you make your purchase.

Could There Be Any Unforeseen Issues with the Renovation? 

With any historic building, you may face issues and challenges with the renovation itself. Before buying, make sure you have a thorough survey carried out to expose any potential problems, like structural damage, or major alterations that would be needed, like roof replacement. These problems won't necessarily scupper your plans, but you need to include them in your budget from the start to avoid getting caught out.

Is It Well-Located to Attract Tourists?

You can have the most beautiful pub-hotel in the world, but if the location isn't right it won't attract many tourists. Look at things like local attractions, tourism statistics for the area, the volume of hotels nearby, and transport links to help work out whether or not your hotel will be viable. If the location is less than desirable, you'll need to spend extra money on creating a hotel people really want to visit.

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